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We export the best of organic fresh fruits well-packaged to many countries outside India.


(Alphonso / Banganapalli / Kesar / Malda)

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The mango is considered to be one of the best fruits for a perfect digestive system in India. There are many types of mango grown in the wild. They are found at the southern and western border of India, in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. One of the major advantages of our organically grown mango is that they are completely safe to eat and provide all the nutrients required by our bodies.


Fresh Stock Available Now !!

The lychee is a tropical fruit of the tree Litchi. The trees originally came from China and were cultivated primarily in Southeast Asia. In our farms, we make sure that litchi trees are planted in soil that’s enriched with nutrients.


Most of your calories in grapes are from carbohydrates, which are primarily sugar. When it comes to eating organic fruits, it’s important to make sure the ones you eat have been properly labeled. If you want to eat only organically grown fruits then we (legume farms’) is always ready to serve and surprise with our organic and great quality fruits.


With high levels of vitamins C and other important nutrients not only healthy but also necessary, the organic orange is a highly recommended super-food. Organic oranges contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to provide the best vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to our bodies. Make the best healthy choice possible when choosing a healthy fruit that is full of vitamins.

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We export the best of organic fresh fruits well-packaged to many countries outside India. We also supply to industries specialized in the multi-fruit based industries such as beverages, dairy, confectionery, yogurt & baby food, etc.

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